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For 1-4 Players,60-120 minute playing time,Co-operative play Euro-inspired tactical combat,Every turn a player will play two cards out of their hand. Each card has a number in the center, and the number on the first card played will determine their initiative order. Each card also has a top and bottom power, and when it is a player's turn in the initiative order, they determine whether to use the top power of one card and the bottom power of the other, or vice-versa


@MissBayBee_de @Yellowgeekbear @Jerry67de @TanteChili Aber nicht jeder hat dafür extra Würfel und das hätte man in…

Martina Fuchs

@spielerunde @Yellowgeekbear @Jerry67de @TanteChili OK, ich nehme da eh auch Würfel, aber das ist doch bei allen Cr…

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