A Single Games New(s)! 05/03/18

Source: https://www.shutupandsitdown.com/a-single-games-news-05-03-18/

Quinns: Hi all! We're not doing a full Games News today as Paul and I both happen to be moving house, but I thought I'd scribble something about this week's top story. Batman™: Gotham City Chronicles is the smokin' hot, spandex-spangled new Kickstarter that launched this week, and at the time of writing it's raised some $2.5 million (plus shipping). It could end up being one of the biggest Kickstarters of all time. That's hardly a surprise. Not only is it offering more than 100 Batman-related miniatures, it's also the sequel to Conan, which we reviewed and loved. Kickstarters this exciting are as rare as bat's teeth. Not only that, publishers Monolith have stated that unlike Conan, Batman will only be available through Kickstarter, so the pressure's on! Should you buy it?! Speaking personally? ...I'm afraid that I'm not 100% sure you should.

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